How to File a Michigan Auto Insurance Claim

The first thing you need to know about filing a auto insurance claim is what type of claim you have to file. Most claims in Michigan are filed on your own auto insurance policy due to the strict no fault law. It applies to not only medical coverage, but also many scenarios of physical damage. It means regardless who is at fault, everyone’s own policy covers their own damage. Of course, coverage is only provided if you insure your vehicle with the appropriate coverage.

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Anytime you have an auto insurance claim to file, the best place to start is with your own insurance carrier or agent. Always call them if you are unsure where your claim needs to be filed.

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Standard Claim Filed on Your Own Auto Insurance Policy

Hit a deer? Hit a guard rail or mailbox? Have a fender bender accident on the road? All of these claims will be filed on your own auto insurance policy. It does not matter who is at-fault. What matters is what type of coverage you carry on your vehicle.

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Comprehensive coverage will protect your vehicle from lots of different losses. Pretty much, anything other than a collision.

  • Windshield Damage
  • Hitting an Animal
  • Storm Damage
  • Fire Damage
  • Theft

Collision coverage provides coverage for when you are in a collision involving another vehicle. The type of collision coverage listed on your vehicle determines if you have coverage and whether or not you have a deductible.

Common Questions Asked By Insurance In Order to File a Standard Claim:

  • Verify Your Name, Address, Phone Number, and Policy Number
  • Time, Date, and Location of Accident
  • What Vehicle Were You Driving
  • Describe the Accident
  • Is the Vehicle Drivable
  • Where is the Damage Located on the Vehicle
  • Police Report Number
  • Info of Other Vehicles Involved (name, phone number, vehicle year make and model, insurance carrier, insurance policy number)
  • Where Do You Want Your Vehicle Repaired

Mini Tort Claim

Mini tort claims are a type of claim filed in Michigan when the not at-fault driver files a claim againt the at-fault driver’s vehicle for a sum of up to $1000. Mini torts can only be filed under specific circumstances.

  • The Not At Fault Driver’s Vehicle has No Collision Coverage
  • The Not At Fault Driver’s Vehicle has a Deductible

That is it. Those are the only times a mini tort can be filed against an at-fault driver’s vehicle policy. In order to file a mini tort, you need to know who the at-fault driver is and where they are insured. Their policy number also makes things easier along with a police report. It can be difficult filing a mini tort without those.

Information Needed for a Mini Tort Claim:

  • Same Info as a Standard Claim
  • Copy of Your Declaration Page Showing Your Coverage
  • Estimate from a Body Shop Showing Amount of Damage

Property Damage Claim

The one time in Michigan you can get fully reimbursed from an at fault driver’s vehicle policy is when your car is hit while parked. Your vehicle can be fully restored and even car rental coverage is provided in a property damage claim. Most of the time the police will not come out when a vehicle is hit in a parking lot. In those cases the at-fault driver will have to admit fault.

The information needed to file a property damage is the same as a standard claim, only it will be filed on the at-fault driver’s vehicle policy. Obviously to file the claim on the at-fault driver’s vehicle policy, you need to know who the at-fault driver is, where their vehicle is insured, and their policy number.

Injury Claim

Anytime you are injured in a car accident in Michigan, your insurance policy covers you. And I mean covers you completely! The MCCA fee makes it so drivers are covered with no limits to medical cost. Depending on how you have your policy setup, you may have a deductible.

To file an injury claim call your insurance carrier or agent and provide the same info as a standard claim. Plus, include a list of your injuries and where you sought or plan to seek medical treatment.

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